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Micro Art Studio Infinity Tokens

19 Feb

Lately bought the MAS Infinity tokens, yeah those pricey thingies, 0.90 € a piece under acrylic glass. Well what can I say, Infinity is also very much about aesthetics, so I thought it would be a good investment – well it is not. The quality of the print is a slap in the face. I could do better with my old Canon S450 Ink printer. It was quite a shock to be honest how bad they were.

Other then being a crappy product by itself it would have been nice to print both sides of the token, so you don´t have to flip them around all the time. But that is probably a cost decision I can concur with.

It seems that MAS don´t print the tokens themselves and their supplier dropped print quality without them knowing. They´re now trying to minimize damage and are even willing to ship me a new set of tokens. I´ll post a fresh picture of those when they hit my maibox.

Update on update:
It´s not that I recieved those new markers weeks ago. It´s just that I´m too lazy/busy to post the new pics. I´ll get to this asap.


Seems like I got myself a blog…

18 Feb

Well what can I say. I´m a nerdy lover of games beyond the regular type. Dabbling into many gaming things I lately stumbled into the realm of infinity and started spending a lot of money… which is of course always an ambivalent thing to do. After all it depends on return of investement in the fun compartment.

So what you yet non-existant readers of this blog will see is my little 2 cents on things like mdf terrain, tokens and tools in an infinity context. They say gamers are fickle, so topics will most likely change over time.

I almost forgot. What the heck is nerdumludens? Does Homo Ludens ring a bell?

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Achievements in Nerding


Achievements in Nerding

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Achievements in Nerding


Achievements in Nerding