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3 Challenges of Listening to the D6G

24 Apr

I recently started to listen to the D6G, mostly while painting minis. I reached episode twentysomething and mostly enjoy it. Ok, it´s at least not too horrible…

There have been things – there is no hate in “NERDUMLUDENS” – that, well, were a bit of a disappointment. Further references to the shows wording intentional.

  1. Every other episode there is some guy having spend some time in the army being interviewed. And like those teddy bears for kid, with the string near the private parts, where you can pull and cause some tunes to play, Craig goes “Thank you for your service”. What is it with the d6g and the military? Thank you for what? Keeping the oil flowing? Keeping the immanent threat of the close by mexicans or Canadians at bay? Defending the US standard of living? I don´t get it.
  2. Sometimes their fanboyism gets a little irritating. For example while Matt Wilson served as an interviewee you got the feeling his behind must be getting crowded along the course of the interview.
  3. Finally – as I think Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition and RobboRally are among the best games I know – I am again a little sad. Their criticism of TI3 is of course a little vague, might come with the format, singing and all, but to say RobboRally doesn´t scale well… I don´t know, this is just wrong. The more people, the better it gets!

Now all that might sound a little harsh, but please don´t take me too seriously. You can really feel the huge effort that´s put in the show. Also the hosts themselves cover all aspects of the matter.

Craig: The artsy guy and word juggler

Russ: The game mechanic maniac that makes everybodys game collection scale… up of course

Raef: The slightly distracted man for the off-topic

Love what you do guys! Working my way up the next 100ish episodes!

Angel GiraldeZ

Achievements in Nerding


Achievements in Nerding

The Pen of Penemue

Achievements in Nerding


Achievements in Nerding